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    We set up organic processing plants and warehouses successively in our farms. In these factories, we can dehull and clean our grains and seeds and clean all the products before transporting. This can save us much cost on the transportation, and also protect the environment at highest level.

    In order to improve product quality, introduce Japan’s advanced quality concept, we built a joint venture company Dalian Rihua Organic Food Clean Co., Ltd. together with Muso Company from Japany in the year of 1998.

    Dalian Rihua Organic Food Clean factory, locating in Dalian, China, covering 35000sqm, specially store and process the products from Huaen organic farms, can process and clean over 400mt products per day.

    *Warehouse: Rihua have 4 warehousing rooms, the storing capacity can reach 12000 ton; a cooling storage warehouse, outdoor storages, and the storing capacity is about 20000 ton.

    Processing workshop:

    Organic feed pellet workshop----introduced in 2009 international leader automatic production line, with computer central control system, it can produce different formula of organic feed, according to customers’ requirements.

    Organic soybean pressing workshop----equipped with two different production lines, one line for processing extruder soymeal, another line for processing expeller soymeal, basing on high quality organic soybeans as raw material, we can produce different standard of organic soymeal according to customers’ requirements.

    Processing line:

    Organic soybean production line-----As our flagship product, soybean is equipped with top-classic mechanization cleaning and sifting production line. Our production capacity and quality are all at leading level in this line.

    Organic production line for cereals: ---- dynamic integration of top classic equipment and advanced craft is the best guarantee of quality.

    Organic production line for kemels: ---- This production line uses international modern cleaning and decontaminates machines, such as magnetic machine, laser sorter machine, X-ray choosing machine, automatic weighting and packing machine. The whole process realizes automation operation.

    Refined oil production line: ----in the year of 2011, we build a refined oil production line; the refining indicators can reach the national level, can refine oil over 20mt per day.



    All the factories of Dalian Huaen Co., Ltd strictly comply with organic standard as well as HACCP regulations in hygiene, operation, flow, security and personnel management, realizing different organic productions produced alone, partition storage, so that we can completely eradicate mix and contamination. Through modern equipments, rational flow, normative operation and advanced concept, we could effectively guarantee the superiority and uniformity of quality, which also laid the foundation for business expanding.

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